Cross chapel in Huchem

Old chapel in Huchem

Cross chapel in Huchem (2013)

In 1317, the first written reference to a chapel in Huchem appears. However, information regarding its exact location is unavailable. According to maps from 1860 available at the land-registry office in Düren, there was already a chapel at the same location where it stands today. The chapel with its small bell tower and its bell were a landmark of the village. It was mainly used for death watch or as a blessing altar for Corpus Christi processions. In 1937, it was rebuilt into a cenotaph and served as a war memorial. After the Second World War it was used again for silent devotions. Due to severe damage sustained during the war, the chapel was repaired several times and finally torn down in 1981.

Thanks to the efforts of the people of Dürener- and Bahnhofstraße, a newly designed chapel containing a cross made by Bertram Robertz from Oberzier was consecrated in September 1981.


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