Joseph’s chapel in Köttenich

Joseph’s chapel in Köttenich (2013)

Saint Joseph (2013)

In remembrance of their son, who studied theology in Münster and died suddenly in 1988 at the age of 24, Irmingardis and Balthasar Lürken had a small chapel built near their residence at Jülicher Straße. This chapel was also destroyed during the Second World War. After the war, it was repaired, so that it could once again be used as a memorial. On the initiative of St. Joseph’s Guild, the chapel was renovated in 1981. On the 100th anniversary of the chapel, it was completely restored with financial support of the company Schoeller. A wooden sculpture of Saint Joseph given by Andreashaus in Niederzier was positioned inside the chapel to replace the old sculpture, which had been stolen.




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