Mary’s chapel in Selhausen

Old Mary’s chapel (1909)

Selhausen has belonged to the parish of Huchem-Stammeln since 1864. However, the people of Selhausen always wanted to have their own house of prayer. Thanks to donations of the people, a beautiful chapel was erected in 1909 at the corner Rurstraße/Jülicher Straße by the builder Gas of Birkesdorf. The chapel was consecrated to the Mother of God. The chapel was mainly used for devotions, praying the rosary, and death watch. However, every now and then the parish priest celebrated Mass in the chapel. Of course, the people of Selhausen took great care of their beautiful chapel, which was unfortunately destroyed during the Second World War.

New Mary’s chapel (2013)

After the war, the people of Selhausen wanted a new chapel. To this end, they founded a chapel-building-club in 1965. The architect Helmut Lüttgen of Düren made corresponding construction plans in 1969. Building of the new chapel started in 1970, and, in December 1973, the new chapel was consecrated. Unfortunately, the architectural concept and the constructional completion were somewhat ‘accident-sensitive’, so that several repairs were necessary in the following years.

Interior view of Mary’s chapel (2013)

The chapel accommodates about 40 people. It is equipped with a wooden altar cross (19th sanctuary) taken from the diocese depot in Wenau, simple Stations of the Cross given by the Andreashaus in Niederzier, and an embroidered picture of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. The altar was made of parts of the old high altar of the parish church of Huchem-Stammeln. There is a fish on the front side of the column with the inscription “ΙΧΘΥΣ“.




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