Wayside crosses

Stone cross An der Süle (2013)

The information regarding wayside crosses in our parish is sometimes incomplete. However, the origin of the wayside cross “An der Süle” is documented in some detail. The Mathew’s fraternity of Rheindalen already made pilgrimages to Trier (Treves) around 1800. On such a pilgrimage in 1811, a woman died for appendicitis. Although the year of erection of the cross and the erector are unknown, it is assumed that the pilgrims used the old road Düren – Jülich – Neuss, which directly passed beside the village centre close to a single house with pub. The pilgrims would likely have taken rest there. The old wooden cross stood at this house until the end of the Second World War. After the war, a new brick cross was erected in its place.

Hahnenkreuz (2013)

Time and reason for the erection of the cross at the road to Oberzier are unknown. However, it is already listed in the land register as far back as 1860. It is most likely an expiation cross. Reportedly, somebody was struck by lightning during a thunderstorm. The cross is vernacularly called “Hahnenkreuz”. This name most likely originates from the name of an area close by known as “Zu den Hahnen”. The cross was destroyed during the war and replaced with another cross taken from the churchyard.

There is also limited information available regarding the time and reason for the erection of the cross at the corner of Köttenicher Straße / Oberzierer Straße. However, also this cross is already listed in the land register of 1860. This cross likely belonged to a big farm and was much older. There was a plate bearing the inscription: “Keep in mind that you have to die”. The old Gothic cross was destroyed during the war. After the war, an old cross from the churchyard was erected in its place. Following later rearrangement of the streets’ intersection, the cross was mounted at the corner of the house.

Cross at the corner of Köttenicher/Oberzierer Straße (2013)


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