History of the parish


Approval of the foundation of the parish of Saint Joseph Huchem-Stammeln

The way to an independent parish

The following information is taken mainly from the chronicle of the parish of Saint Joseph Huchem-Stammeln-Selhausen published on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the parish.

Until 1864, the villages Huchem, Stammeln, and Selhausen belonged to the parish of Saint Martin Oberzier. According to civil law, they were independent townships belonging to the office of the Mayor of Birkesdorf (today a district of Düren). About 1841, it was proposed to enlarge the church in Oberzier or perhaps build a new one. In either case, the people of Huchem, Stammeln, and Selhausen would have been obliged to financially support the project. However, since the relationship between the villages Huchem-Stammeln and Selhausen and the village Oberzier had been less than cordial for some years, in 1845 it was proposed that they found their own parish. On 13thFebruary 1858, a petition of Huchem-Stammeln and Selhausen was send to the archiepiscopal authority. As expected, the parish of Oberzier objected, since the people were worried about the financial consequences following the separation. Since the people in Huchem-Stammeln and Selhausen were ready to make great efforts, a second petition was send to the episcopalian curia seeking permission to separate from the mother parish of Oberzier and found an independent succursal parish. On 9th January 1862, a compensation to be paid to the parish of Oberzier was fixed. On 16th April 1862, stately approval of the separation was given by King Wilhelm of Prussia. On 14th June 1862, ecclesiastical approval was given by Cardinal Archbishop of Cologne von Geissel.

After receiving the various approvals, preparations for the construction of the church and the parochial house were busily made. In July 1862, the constructional drawings were ready. In October 1862, the plot of land was bought. In spring 1863, the construction work was started. On 18th August 1864, the parish of Huchem-Stammeln informed the dean of the completion of the buildings and asked for the blessing of the church and the appointment of a priest. On 29th August 1864, Cardinal von Geissel nominated Chaplain Kaspar Josef Rumpen as first parish priest of the newly founded parish of Saint Joseph Huchem-Stammeln-Selhausen. His ceremonial inauguration took place on 24th September 1864.


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