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View of our church (2013)

The architect of the parish church in Huchem-Stammeln was the cathedral builder Vinzenz Satz from Cologne. The foundation stone ceremony of the parish church was on 18th April 1863. Remarkably, the bricks for the building project were fabricated back in 1862. The building was erected with neo-Gothic style and measured 48 feet, about 16 m in length without the tower and sanctuary (85 feet, about 29 m with) It was 40 feet, about 14 m wide and the height of the nave was 26 feet, about 8.50 m. The tower was 100 feet, about 34 m high. The nave rested on four freestanding columns of granite marble with capitals made of sandstone. The church had one high altar and two side altars.

On 20th August 1922, the foundation stone ceremony for the extension of the parish church took place. The extension was necessary since the cotton-spinning mill Leopold Schoeller jun. u. Cie in Köttenich was established and thus, the population had grown significantly.

After the Second World War, the church was almost completely (>70%) destroyed. Initially, an emergency church was arranged in the parochial house, and later moved to the youth centre. The rebuilding and necessary restoration work on the parish buildings took about four years. During restoration, it turned out that the extension built in 1922 could not be recovered and was therefore torn down. The pyramid on the tower also had to be removed, since most of the wooden beams were rotten. Therefore, a smaller roof truss was added to the tower. The brickwork was partly exchanged and the windows were reduced in size. The current windows were installed in 1955. The photo (left) shows the church as it appears today.

Interior view of our church (2012)

The interior of the church was also almost completely destroyed and very few parts of the original interior survive. The arrangement of the church interior was planned by the architect Joseph Keller. The ceiling of the church was colourfully designed and the sound system was integrated into the ceiling, thus enabling a unique sound.

Today, the interior consists of old and new chattels. The following pages contain photos and explanations of the altar, ambon, baptistery, altarpieces, tabernacle, Stations of the Cross, picture of the Virgin Mary, crucifixion group and pietà. Moreover, special pages are dedicated to our organs and the bells. All photos are consciously kept small. They are intended to arouse your curiosity and encourage you to visit our church and see them with your own eyes.


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