Organ – Josef Weimbs, 1987

The first organ of the parish church was built in 1897 by the company Sonreck, Cologne. The keys were connected with the valves of the organ pipes by thin wooden strips, and the current organ uses the same principle. The air necessary to produce the sound was provided by bellows operated manually by a “bellows stepper” until electrification in 1919. The organ register was replaced in 1908/09. After the war, only a few deformed pipes were left.

On 15th November 1953, the new organ was consecrated. It was built by the company Stahlhut, Aachen, and comprised 15 registers which were distributed to two manuals and one pedal. The 998 pipes were distributed on two open platforms to the right and left of the organ loft. Unfortunately, the organ was very susceptible to failure. On 8th September 1985, the organ played for the last time. Due to its “postwar quality”, restoration did not make any sense.

On 8th November 1987, the third organ of the parish was consecrated. This organ decorates our organ loft and fills our church with a beautiful sound to this day. It was built by the company Josef Weimbs, Hellenthal, and has 914 pipes (264 of which were salvaged from the second organ), 13 registers, two manuals and one pedal with a mechanical action.


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