Tabernacle – Hildegard Domizlaff, 1963

The tabernacle was designed in 1963 by the artist Hildegard Domizlaff of Cologne. Originally, it was made for the Benedictine’s convent in Steinfeld. However, it was bought by the parish of Huchem-Stammeln in 1978.

The prophet Elijah resting under a furze bush is displayed on the top of the tabernacle. An angel points at a plate with bread and a flagon filled with water. There are grain stalks on the front side, with further grain stalks and an angel holding a sickle on the left. The right side shows stalks, a vine with grapes and an angel with sickle as well. A vine with grapes is displayed on the back side.

The theme of the presentation was selected by the artist from the Old Testament: “God braced the prophet Elijah” and the Apocalypse: “The hour of the harvest”.

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